Creative Branding Photos at Durham's House of Work| One and Only Paper

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Creative Branding Photos at Durham’s House of Work| One and Only Paper

These creative branding photos that we did for Alison of One and Only Paper were so beautiful, full of joy, and EASY! Alison contacted to photograph her new hand-painted wedding signs for marketing materials. If any of you have anything this beautiful that you want us to photograph, sign us up!

Want to plan a great branding shoot for yourself? We’ve got some great tips below that come directly from Alison’s creative branding photos. These will help ensure that you’re using your time and resources wisely to create gorgeous photos for your business!

One and Only Paper acrylic wedding signs business branding photos
acrylic hand painted wedding signs one and only paper

Step 1: Find focus

We love that Alison focused on getting photos of this ONE type of product offering: acrylic hand painted signs for weddings! It’s very easy to try to do too much within an allotment of time, but keep in mind that set up and take down takes time! I love the varied types of photos we were able to get here!

acrylic painted mountain wedding day sign

Step 2: Find creative direction

Alison worked with Janet of Janet Lucia St. Clair styling to help her with the styling for all of these images. I can’t overstate how helpful it is for you as the creator and us as photographers to not ALSO have to think about styling, especially in a limited amount of time. Janet was able to quickly set up gorgeous vignettes with Alison’s signs for us so that we could photograph and move on quickly!

acrylic painted wedding day sign creative branding photos

Step 3: Find a cool space!

We got to do this shoot in one of Durham’s hippest new locations, the House of Work in Golden Belt. There is a lovely photo studio with gorgeous natural light (our favorite!) that allowed us to shoot film for these images. If you’re looking for a space for photos, House of Work is beautiful. But regardless, choose a space that works for your brand. Alison was able to make it her own with this lovely golden curtain and white blank space with a desk!

girl flipping hair behind golden curtain

Alison, thank you so much for working with me! I absolutely loved creating these photos with you and am just wishing I could go back in time so that I could have one of these beautiful wedding signs at my own wedding! (Seriously, y’all. If you’re getting married, or want some amazing artwork for your home, head over to her site and snag yourself one right now!)

business branding photos

Want to schedule your own branding session with us? Check out our work here and then send us a message!




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