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How We Roll: The Making of a Magic Double Exposure, part 2

In this post, we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you why we created the image that is a finalist in Belle Lumière’s summer awards!

When Belle Lumière announced their summer image competition, we were all in! We love the magazine and have been so inspired by the work of other film photographers. We figured we would submit a few of our favorite images, never thinking that one would be a finalist! The winners of these competitions in years past have been the film giants that we’ve looked up to in our industry! So to have had our photograph selected by some of the most respected photographers in this field AND be included amongst others amazing photographers’ works is so surreal.

double exposure of woman and leaf in black and white film

In this post, we’re going to walk you through the WHY we created this double exposure image, but you can click here to read about HOW to create an image like this!

woman hiking at eno river state park
hanging bridge at eno river state park

To know about the why behind an image, you need to understand the why behind the session. You can see the post we wrote about our friend, Muriel’s, session here. She asked us to meet her at the Eno to take photos to celebrate her 30th birthday. Muriel loves being outside and exploring the outdoors so she wanted these photos to be in a natural area to represent herself.

woman hiking at eno river state park

We hiked down by the river to this rocky area that was filled with golden sunset light. As we started to head out, I turned around to see Muriel taking in her surroundings and checking out little plants growing through the rocks. My view was framed by the low-hanging leaves of the trees just above me, and I picked off a branch to create the double exposure above, and then took a second shot of Muriel’s profile.

What I had in mind when creating this image is that I wanted the image to show Muriel and nature as connected as it seemed like she felt when exploring at the Eno. The fact that her eyes are visible through the leaves in the double exposure is just a lucky coincidence as we don’t use grid lines when composing these. But the real strength of the image, we feel, really comes from the taking of a chance after feeling something, using our surroundings to inform the content of the photo, and being present enough to be able to see and create two images and turn them into one.

woman hiking at eno river state park

Have you voted in Belle Lumiere’s competition yet? If not, click below to vote! We so appreciate your support!




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