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Introducing: The Contact Sheet Portraits

A few months ago, one of our clients asked us if we could take different photos of her face to show different expressions. I know, I know. Weird, right?

But it immediately reminded us of contact sheets that we have seen in the past, like this one that photographer Jack Robinson made of Jack Nicholson.

We quickly decided that this would be such a fun session for brands and business owners, especially to start the new year! What if, in less than an hour, you could have new, fresh photos of yourself to update your social media and website with for months to come? What if it was a FUN experience, and what if everything was taken care of for you so that you showed up in a beautiful outfit and walked away with lots of beautiful images!

We are now offering these fun portrait sessions in early February! Read below for details.

We really want for this to be an experience for business owners, and a fun way to start the new year. So here’s what you will walk away with:

1. Digital contact sheets of your portraits in black & white and color

Here is an example that we created for our client, Tracey!

Not only will we create your own custom contact sheet for you, but we’ll also make sure you can download each individual image as well. You can come to your session with ideas, or you can hand over creative control to us and we’ll bring out the authentic you. These are so fun and easy to include on social media intros or your website!

BONUS: we love the idea of this type of session for kids (4+ years), too. How cute would these be framed?!

2. Lifestyle images of you in action

Carolina Grove has plenty of space and we didn’t want to limit this session to just headshots. If you want a few more personality-filled images or photos of you in action, this is a perfect time to get some of those! Simply bring the right accoutrements for your brand and we’ll split our session time to capture some lifestyle images as well!

3. Fun gifs to share!

We’ll create gifs of your images in black and white and color, which are so fun to use on social media as well! Don’t you totally feel like you know Tracey a little better from these images of her??

4. Hair and makeup touchups from Mena Garcia Beauty

The wonderful Mena of Mena Garcia Beauty will take care of your hair and makeup for you so that you that you look and feel your best! You’ll simply arrive 30 minutes ahead of your session time with your every day hair and makeup done and Mena will further enhance your look with lashes and a hair and makeup touchup!

All of the details:

  • Sessions will take place on Friday, February 5th from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm and Sunday, February 7th from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.
  • Your session cost is $295.
  • We are holding all sessions at the beautiful Carolina Grove in Hillsborough, NC. You can choose between a black or white backdrop for your contact sheet portraits!
  • Hair and makeup touchups by Mena Garcia Beauty are included in your ticket! You’ll arrive 30 minutes ahead of your session time to see her!
  • You should expect to walk away with 9+ individual headshots and 5-10 lifestyle images of you in action. We are not limiting the number of images we deliver: if it’s great, you get it! An online gallery with your photos will arrive in your inbox by February 26th.
  • Want photos of your full team or all of your kiddos? Please contact us at for a bundle discount!

Wait, what should I wear?

We recommend keeping it classic for this session! The focus here is YOU! We love the beautiful black turtleneck dress that Tracey wore for her session. Below, Radhika wore a white linen shirt in her portraits. If you want to jazz up your outfit for the lifestyle images after your contact sheet portraits, we recommend you bring some accessories that would be quick to add on: a blazer, hat, or jewelry are all perfect options!

Safety disclaimers:

We, of course, realize that the COVID pandemic is still happening. We will be hosting these portraits inside the large main room at Carolina Grove, and we will only be doing one session at a time. Masks will be worn (until it’s time for your makeup/session) and we will be distanced!

Have questions? Feel free to send them our way at See you soon!



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