Chapel Hill Small Business Brand Photography with Tracey O'Connell, MD

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Chapel Hill Small Business Brand Photography with Tracey O’Connell, MD

When Tracey first contacted us in February, she was having trouble feeling confident with her work because she didn’t have photos that matched what she wanted from her brand. We planned a brand photography session for her based in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC that would attract the types of people that she most wanted to work with.

Here’s what Tracey had to say about the Tracey O’Connell, MD brand:

durham studio headshots
woman walking outside in garden

This is about the inner parts of women that are being ignored or neglected and need fostering for growth. Women are not just important for their ability to produce offspring, but are capable of producing abundance and newness, a “rebirth” of the self and the inner goodness, capable of BECOMING a new, fresh individual.I want this site to speak to the inner beauty of women at their core, to feel warm and welcoming, a place to seek solace.

reading with coffee

We wanted her brand photography to really speak to her client, so when asked who Tracey works best with, she said:

My client is not the ambitious business woman or doctor who is still trying to climb the corporate ladder or prove herself to anyone. I am not here to help someone advance their career on a competitive track. I would not work well with anyone who is cut-throat, or back-stabbing, or highly competitive. My target client is the working mom who struggles with perfectionism and is tired of putting herself last. She is kind and loving and full of good intentions but she is not living life according to her deepest truths. She is neglecting herself and is exhausted. She shops because she has to, because she seeks the approval of others and doesn’t realize that she herself holds the key to what makes her most attractive to others. She wants everyone else to feel okay so that she can feel okay – she is a control freak but sees it isn’t helping anyone really, and that it is just making her miserable and neurotic and is damaging her relationships. She still believes that she must prove herself to others. The target client wants to live a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment, wants to sleep at night, have more unscheduled time, and the freedom to pause. She seeks permission. She thinks the solution is out there but is willing to be vulnerable and look for the solution within herself.

durham brand photography

Unfortunately, we had to reschedule several times because of COVID, but when we were finally able to meet up, we created such incredible brand photography for her! We mixed lifestyle, client meetings and work, and headshots to give Tracey flexibility in her images. The photos we created were intended to show Tracey’s clients that she is warm, and that she can help them create space in their lives for the types of renewed energy and creative force that Tracey clearly has in her own life!

What do you think? Did we nail these images? We’re already loving her see how she is using them on social media! Thanks so much for working with us Tracey — we’re glad you love your photos as much as we do!

client meeting over coffee
outdoor headshots
lifestyle headshots
outdoor client meeteing

Here’s what Tracey had to say after she saw her photos:

review of durham brand photographer by client
“The more I look at these, and now that I’ve seen them on a computer, I am just blown away!!! Love the vibe and feel. It is warm and open and pretty and natural and real. I love them!!!! My coach and family ADORE the pics. I’m getting so excited about how to use them!!!!”
reading stack of books
paint chips in hands

And use them, she did! A few days after Tracey received her full gallery, we got this message from her!:

“Omg LOVING MY PICS! Getting familiar with how to use. Have posted two on LinkedIn articles! Love!!!!”

Tracey also left the KINDEST review for us that we wanted to share with you!

From the first moment that I reached out to gain more information, Radhika responded promptly and spent 30 minutes on the phone with me learning all about me, my brand, my dreams, and just about me in general. She was very perceptive and highly intuitive as to what I was looking for because when she assembled a sample template for our photo session, it was spot-on to the vibe I was trying to create.

The timing of our session was interrupted and rescheduled multiple times because of the pandemic. But during this time, I never felt for even a minute that I had been forgotten. We kept in touch over those months and Radhika was the one to reach out.

Because we are in different demographics, it would have been possible for her to not understand me as someone significantly older than her. But I felt that she had a timeless quality to her, particularly with her knowledge of and respect for vintage photography and film.

When it actually came time to do the session, I felt so comfortable with her. We could laugh, joke, share our life perspectives, stories, etc. It was truly a relaxing afternoon and I will always treasure the memories, oh and of course, the photographs!

I love the photographs!!! The quality, the originality, the vantage points, the creativity involved in each shot – not a single detail was missed.

In all honesty, I hate having my picture taken, but I would spend a day with Radhika even if my picture we’re not being taken!

I do plan to stay in touch with her as my career evolves, to gain more photos for my own collection and to share.

Obviously, I am a BIG FAN of Radian Photography and recommend them highly 💚


You can follow Tracey on Instagram or visit her website (which should have new branding photos up soon)!



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