Three Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

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Three Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

We know that so many of you have had to postpone your wedding day, which is why we asked our friend Amy of Plume Events to share some ideas for how you can still celebrate your original wedding date if you’re forced to reschedule your wedding because of COVID!

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You dreamed, and you planned, and you anticipated.  Your wedding was just around the corner, and then…everything changed.  As important as your wedding is to you, you were forced to consider and ultimately choose other priorities, like the health and well-being of your friends and family.  Because of a global pandemic (I’ve been helping couples reschedule their weddings for six weeks now, and it is still crazy to type those words), you were forced to postpone your wedding.  And while it was probably one of the most difficult or at least most disappointing decisions you have ever had to make, you know that it was the right thing to do and that your celebration will be just as fun and magical on your new date as it would have been on the original.  But what do you do on the original date now?  That date, not just the day itself or the ceremony and the party that were to take place, but the actual calendar date, meant so much to you–and it still can! Here are three meaningful and joy-filled ways to celebrate your original wedding date:

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No. 1 – Recreate your first date at home.

Was your first date a movie?–easy!  Add popcorn and boxed candy to your next grocery order and snuggle up on the couch together.  Did you meet at a bar?  Try learning how to mix a new cocktail and enjoy drinks together while you talk about that first night.  Was your first date mini golf?  A quick visit to Amazon and a Prime subscription will get you everything you need to set up a full course in your living room.  Or get creative and make yourself what you need with things from your house.  Imagine the memories you’ll create building a make-shift golf course together out of wire hangers and a rubber band ball.  

Note from Radhika: Want to more from the taco-making session with Kasey and Zach below? Head here!

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No. 2 – Write and share vows to each other. 

You’ve faced a lot together in the last six weeks, and your relationship is that much stronger. You have probably learned more about each other and grown closer than you ever imagined while you’ve lived and worked at home. Write about that strengthened bond and the promises you will make and commit to in the years to come.  You don’t just choose each other on your wedding day–you choose each other every single day, including this day.  The highest honor we can give our thoughts and feelings is to write them down, preserve them, and share them, and I can’t think of a better way to honor your original wedding date than this.  Any old piece of paper will do, but consider having a calligrapher write them for you or purchasing a vow book, where you could keep your vows in a beautiful heirloom piece.

Note from Radhika: Working with a calligrapher (like Manifest Calligraphy, who created the invitation below, is a great way to save this keepsake)!

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No. 3 – Surprise your loved ones with something special. 

It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own sadness and disappointments, but don’t forget your friends and family are disappointed too.  Your wedding day was (and will be soon!) about gathering your loved ones together and celebrating your love story–which included them!  They wanted to eat, drink, toast, and dance the night away with you.  All of that isn’t possible just yet, but there are little things you can do to make the original date special for them, as well.  Have a yummy treat delivered to them, like a pie or cupcakes, or leave them on doorsteps yourself and watch from your car as they find the surprise.  Or drop off your favorite bottle of wine to share a glass virtually with your bridal party.  Send your mom and future mother-in-law flowers.  Moms are definitely taking the postponement hard.  A hand-written note is also a wonderful way to tell all your guests that you are thinking of them, you miss them on this day, and you can’t wait to celebrate with them soon.  

Note from Radhika: This tip can help local businesses too! The cupcakes below are from The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh, NC – yum!

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No matter what you decide to do, don’t let this day go by without marking it and honoring it in whatever way means most to you.  You chose the date for a reason, and it can still be a day full of joy, laughter, and love. 

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