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May 15, 2017

One of the most amazing things we got to do this spring was travel to Charleston…twice! Despite this gorgeous city only being a few hours away from home, we have never visited together. We traveled there in childhood with our families, but were excited to explore together over two wedding weekends. Read on to hear […]

May 1, 2017

We received our film scans back from our trip to New Orleans and are so excited to share them! We’re sharing our tips for travel to this gorgeous city if you’re ready for a trip filled with delicious food and beautiful sights!

January 7, 2017

For his 28th birthday, I took Ian to New York, one of his favorite places to be around Christmas time. We stayed with our friends, did a moderate amount of city exploring, and had an amazing few days. Read on to see what the experience was like from Ian’s perspective!

December 31, 2016

Recently, we were asked what our favorite wedding of the year was. Radhika used to be a teacher, so we’re pretty serious about the “we don’t have any favorites” sentiment, and we can’t help thinking the same way about the families, couples, weddings, and events that we photograph. Yesterday, though, we set aside a chunk of time for what […]

November 27, 2016

One of our top travel tips is to stay in an Airbnb when you travel, and especially to another country. When we traveled to Iceland, we opted to stay in an Airbnb in the residential area of Reykjavik. And, of course, we made a mini family session happen with our hosts, Vala and Hilmar! It rained […]

November 20, 2016

In the middle of October, we left our sun-warmed lives in North Carolina behind for a week in Iceland. The trip was incredible, filled with so many memorable experiences. As we road-tripped from Reykjavik to the south of Iceland and back, we listened to a mix of Icelandic and American music (like this gem!) and […]

November 11, 2016

As Susanna opened her gift from Barrett, she read the letter that he had written her, she flipped through the pages of a wedding album filled only with the labels of the memories that were yet to come.

November 9, 2016

These two have seen each other through long medical school nights, are in the process of applying to residency programs, and now they are planning their wedding! Oh, and Radhika is Monica’s cousin! So to say this DC engagement session was a fun experience for us would be an understatement. We drove up for the […]

November 1, 2016

This Autumn wedding was truly a work of art. All of the beautiful colors and details that Amber and Travis picked out came together perfectly to create a warm, inviting backdrop for their friends and family to celebrate them. We got to know Amber and Travis a year ago when they reached out to us […]

October 9, 2016

We drove north to escape the hurricane winds and rain and attend my cousin’s engagement party this past weekend. Everyone got dressed in saris and suits and had a fun night of Indian food and Moscow Mules.