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Carolina Beach Family Photography


July 20, 2020

Heading to the beach for the summer is one of our favorite activities, especially now that we have a little one! Beach family photography sessions are a great way to capture the spirit of the summer and we love them!

A few years ago, we met our friends Jessica and Jeremy, who are also photographers based in Charlotte. Since then, we’ve been meeting up with them to trade photos when our times at the beach match up. You can see the photos we took of them last year here.

dad twirling daughter on the beach
family photography wilmington, nc

Their daughter is one of our favorites — she has the cutest smile and is so sweet! This year, we meet at sunset on the south side of Carolina Beach. We had some clouds, but we still love the way these images turned out. The water was a beautiful color and despite it being close to bedtime, Kate was a trouper!

wilmington beach photo session
beach photography nc
I absolutely love how this double exposure came out! A little beachy, a little tropical rainforest!
family session on carolina beach

We shot these photos on Fuji 400H film and love the way the pastel colors turned out at sunset! Normally we are Portra fans, but we think that Fuji really worked for this session. What do you think?

family photos on carolina beach
wilmington, nc family photographer

One thing to consider if you’re opting for a beach session in North Carolina — because the sun rises over the ocean for us, you can get a vastly different look to your photos if you choose to shoot at sunrise vs. sunset vs. the middle of the day!

carolina beach, nc photographer
family session on the beach
Look at all of those colors!
beach family photography
carolina beach family photos
Aren’t her little dimples the cutest?

Have you ever considered a beach family photography session? We would love to work with you! We’re based in Durham, NC but love travel so click below to shoot us a message!



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