Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer | Candid Family Session Tips


Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer | Candid Family Session Tips

One of the the questions we get asked most frequently as a Raleigh lifestyle photographer is for family session ideas. Well you’re in luck! We wrote this post to give you some helpful hints for planning your family lifestyle session and to show off a few of the AMAZING sessions we have been lucky enough to photograph recently!

Lifestyle photography, to us, is all about the art of capturing the everyday. We bring an editorial eye to our images, but when it comes to family sessions, our top recommendation is to pick an activity or location that is familiar to and cherished by your littles. All of the families in this post did a great job with that, and we love the resulting photos! The idea here is that you all engage together and we’ll capture the magic. Not only will you get some beautiful candids, but your kids will get to look back on images that capture what it really felt like to be together as a family. Can you think of a better gift?

Your dress for this type of session can be casual, but leave t-shirts and ball caps at home! In case you need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest board on family lifestyle sessions or just contact Radhika before your session — she would love to think through outfit options with you! A few other tips and tricks: leave those phones at home (are you really checking your email during your family session?), and consider planning a treat for your kids after the session so that you have something to look forward to doing.

Fly Away with Me

The Tobler family’s session in Louisburg, NC, was so unique because it was with their family plane! The kiddos loved showing us where they like to spend time together as a family, and we even got to snag some solo photos of mom and dad, just in time for their wedding anniversary! Bonus: kids got to go on a fun ice cream trip with cousins after the photo session while we flew with Ann and Patrick! What can we say? The job comes with perks!

Engagement session with private plane
Raleigh lifestyle photo session
Family session with private airplane
Couple in private plane
double exposure image with couple

Splish Splash in the Eno River

The Burks family girls LOVE swimming. So for their session, we headed to the Eno River, where they waded and splashed around in the shallow waters. It was a perfect summery evening for crossing the hanging bridge (on their own – so brave!), checking out the water critters, and getting soaked in the gentle current!

sisters playing in the eno river
raleigh lifestyle photographer
Family session in a river
sisters playing in the eno river
mom and daughter playing in the eno river

Cookie Baking Time

The Maher boys have a cookie recipe that will knock your socks off, and for this session, they made some from scratch in their newly renovated kitchen! I loved the energy in these photos — the boys were so excited to be making their favorite chocolate chip cookies. As a Raleigh lifestyle photographer, it feels really special that even if the memories of the taste of those cookies fade, they’ll be able to look back on these photos one day!

family lifestyle session baking cookies
cookie baking lifestyle session
raleigh lifestyle photographer
durham family lifestyle photographer
cookie baking lifestyle session

Ice Cream Sunday

The Dodson family picked Maple View farm for their family session, which holds special significance for them — this is where they used to go on weekly dates! Their family home is just up the street, so it was incredible to be able to visit with them and their sweet daughter. While Baby C is not a huge fan of ice cream, she DOES love walking and goodness, does she love her parents!

family walking outside of maple view farm in hillsborough
husband feeding wife ice cream
candid family lifestyle images
daughter feeding dad ice crema
parents swinging daughter
family walking together black and white photo

American Tobacco Campus Exploration

The Ravi family chose this iconic Durham location for their family photos. We were lucky enough to photograph them when Saranya was pregnant with Baby A and for her newborn session, and this is the first time we’ve seen her since! As a one year old, she gave us the sweetest smiles and we loved exploring alongside them. Though it was a hot day, sometimes a new location can be a welcome treat for a little one who is learning how to walk and enjoys seeing new places!

American Tobacco Campus family lifestyle photography session
Family Lifestyle Photography at the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, NC
Family playing together film photography at the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, NC

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