Brand shoot locations: where should we plan your shoot?

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Brand shoot locations: where should we plan your shoot?

To shoot in studio or not, that’s the question. There are so many different types of brand shoot locations that you can choose from! We’ll walk you through your options so that you can choose what type of location will work best for you.

Option 1: Specific Brand-Aligned Location

The first type of brand shoot location you can choose for your session is one that’s specifically aligned with your brand. To us, that means you’re taking into account what you want clients or customers to feel when interacting with your brand, your brand colors, messaging, and alllllll of the rest. This is a tricky thing to execute on because if not chosen carefully, your brand imagery may be communicating something you absolutely don’t want. However, because there are so many environmental factors at these types of locations, they can be wonderful for more lifestyle brand shoots for service-providers to show off your personality and style. For example, if your home office is the perfect blend of your business and personal style, it might be a great option for your brand shoot!

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will we be indoors or outdoors?
  • If outdoors, what will the weather be like? Is there a rain plan? What types of objects are in the surrounding area (i.e. plants, buildings, other people), and what do those communicate?
  • If indoors, what can I control about the situation? Do I need to bring in objects or props?
  • What colors am I seeing? Do those align with my brand?

A great example of a brand shoot location that we LOVED and thought aligned so well with the business we were working with was at WildWind Branding‘s session. Sarah is launching her freelance graphic design business and wants a fresh, bold look for her brand. She chose The Vintage Penthouse for her session location because the aesthetic works so well with the brand image she wants to curate. We were able to take advantage of the great natural light, fun wallpaper, and city skyline view on the rooftop terrace to create a set of images for Sarah that will work well for her website and social media presence! Check out a few of our favorites below.

Branding session in vintage home
Branding session imagery
Branding session in vintage home
Rooftop branding session
Bold moody branding session images

Option 2: In-Studio Session

Another great option for a brand session is in studio. These types of sessions are usually more pared back, so they work well for headshot sessions and are also great for simple props. Because the focus is less on the environment and more on you and what you are wearing and bringing, it’s really important to carefully plan clothing and props that align well with your brand.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • What should the background in the studio look like? Should we go with a simple white wall, or should I bring in some color? (We can always paint a backdrop or get a seamless paper roll that aligns with your brand colors!)
  • What will I be wearing and what does that communicate?
  • What props, if any, do I want to bring (also think about seating!)?
  • What tone do I want these images to convey?

Below are images from our session with Janice of Big Dog Little Bed. Janice has had the good sense to invest in LOTS of brand photography over the years and so many of her brand photos have a lifestyle feel to them — photos in action, meeting with clients, and, you guessed it, with her dogs. So for this session, we intentionally planned for a more simple shoot focused on her and her vision and big goals for the year for BDLB. Primarily, this is to share more of her perspective and voice with the world. We kept her clothing really clean and simple and instead really concentrated on making HER the focus of these images: no distractions. Well, maybe one — we couldn’t not include a pup in these photos!

In studio brand photography
In studio brand photography double exposure
In studio brand photography
In studio brand photography
In studio brand photography

Do you have questions about brand shoot locations for your session? We’re here to help! Just send us an email at and we can start planning your shoot!



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