Should you hire a creative director for your brand shoot?

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Should you hire a creative director for your brand shoot?

Are you a brand or business owner with products that you need included in your brand shoot? A creative director or prop stylist might be an important person to include in your shoot!

This post features images from two recent projects we worked on with Rachel Rivers of Rachel Interiors. She’s a prop stylist and set designer based in Durham, NC who we were introduced to last year. We did a really fun virtual Facetime shoot with her and it was so much fun to be able to actually meet and work together in person this year!

These first pictures are for a project we worked on together for Miel Design Studio. Rebekah runs a graphic design studio and wanted some imagery that perfectly aligned with her main brand value: form follows function. MDS wants to highlight simple, effective, brilliant design. We pulled in objects like rotary phones, paper clips, and erasers — all revolutionary objects that are surprisingly elegant in their simplicity.

I got to work with Rachel who sourced all of the props for the shoot after talking with Rebekah and styled on set while I was able to focus on photography! Not only was her brain such an asset to have while working together, but I’m positive the resulting images are way better than if I had been working alone because — shocker — THIS is what she DOES!

Colorful gold and yellow flatlay
Gold desk supply flatlay
Rotary telephone stock imagery
Paperclip office supplies flatlay
Red desk supplies flatlay
Eraser flatlay

We also got to work with Rachel this spring on a creative shoot where we played with flowers and shot them with fire and ice. This was purely for fun, but Rachel did an amazing job freezing some florals and we spent some time outdoors in the sun getting to create with light, color, prisms, and reflection. There’s just no way I would have been able to create this type of work without a creative director or stylist working alongside me! What do you think — what do these photos make you think of?

Fire and Ice Flowers Creative Shoot
Fire and Ice Flowers Creative Shoot
Fire and Ice Flowers Creative Shoot
Fire and Ice Flowers Creative Shoot

The bottom line is, we’re photographers! We’ve been doing this work for some time now and definitely can split our brains to think about product styling while shooting. But just like if you were a writer, you would have an editor for your work, doing the creative direction or product styling is not the best use of our time and means we can’t really focus on what you hired us for: photography! If you’re ready to invest in brand photos for your business and you’ll have products on set to style (or even need help identifying what products would be great for your brand to use at your session), hiring a creative director or prop stylist is a great idea!

Want to see more projects? We’ve also loved working with Janet Lucia St. Clair on Whirl and Whittle’s shoot.



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