Brand Photography Session with Molly Sutherland Studio | House of Work

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Brand Photography Session with Molly Sutherland Studio | House of Work

Since calling a desk “ours” at House of Work in downtown Durham, we’ve been dreaming of doing branding sessions with local business owners and creative entrepreneurs.

Enter: Molly of Molly Sutherland Studio! Our paths have crossed several times: we first met at her friends’ wedding and she has designed for one of our favorite fiber arts brands so we saw her at a local market!

mood board brand photography

Molly was the FIRST one to sign up for brand photography minis at House of Work and we were so excited to get to photograph her! When we dreamed up these sessions, we were inspired by the new Apricot backdrop color at the studio and wanted these photos to be as much of a departure from the traditional “white wall headshots” as we could manage in 20 minutes.

brand photography writing in journal

Our favorite thing about these images is the variety! In 20 minutes, we were able to get some traditional headshots to spruce up her website with, but we also got lots of “action” shots of her at work, with her tools of the trade, and showcasing her personality. Who wouldn’t want to work with her after seeing these?

Molly clearly does amazing work, and now she has images that can instill confidence in her clients that they’re investing in the real deal. What do you think? Which of the photos below are your favorites?

headshot with fiddle leaf fig

Molly, thanks so much for trusting us to capture these images of your brand! We love your work and hope to see you again as your business continues to grow and thrive!

brand photography in studio
brand photos with design books
headshot woman flipping hair

Want to see what working with Radian for brand imagery is like? Head here! If you’re ready to book us for your branding session, start by sending us a quick message!




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