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Brand Launch: Meet the new Radian Photography!

Oh goodness, friends. This is such an exciting post for us to write! Today, we are unveiling our new brand and are thrilled to share the story of it with you!

Creme Brands Radian Photography logo

Hello! We are Radhika and Ian, and we are wedding and lifestyle photographers who document the deep connection & powerful work of building a marriage, because we believe in the unseen wonder of intentionally crafted relationships.

Greer Gattuso Photography

We absolutely could not have arrived at this point without the help and support of several people, and we wanted to take time to thank them!

First, we want to give credit for this gorgeous design and work to Kathryn Duckett of Creme Brands. We have followed and loved Kathryn’s work for a quite a while and decided to do a few coaching sessions with her last year. Ever the skeptic, even Ian was sold on how wonderful she was after our first session with her. Kathryn asked us really hard questions, listened to us ramble on, and then magically wove our answers into coherent words and visuals that allowed us to feel more confident about our work.

We have long known that a brand is not a logo or a set of colors or even a website. After all, are so many of us loyal to Apple because of any of those things? Working with Kathryn helped us realize who we wanted to be from the inside out, and having her create these external pieces was just the cherry on top.

She is a true artist, kindness embodied, and we have loved working with her! We can’t recommend her more highly! We went to Kathryn because we wanted something mature, that would fit us for the long haul, and that was infused with meaning. Gosh, did she deliver!

Creme Brands Radian Photography logo

We also wanted to take time to thank our parents. They read our journal, comment on on our Facebook posts, and take care of our animals when we’re off on photography adventures around the world.

They gave us our first cameras, but more importantly, encouraged us to learn how to push the buttons on them. For holidays and birthdays, they don’t ask too many questions when we ask for weird straps to lighten the load of carrying multiple cameras and they don’t roll their eyes when we geek out on memory cards and external hard drives.

Not many parents we know would push their kids when they say they want to be photographers, but ours have always been supportive and we are really grateful for that. Thank you for not only allowing, but also encouraging, us to pursue our dreams! We could not be doing this without the four of you.

Creme Brands Radian Photography logo

The New Radian Photography

When we think about why we do what we do and why photography is so important to us, it all comes down to building a life and marriage that is intentional. Getting to document and witness that for ourselves and others is indescribable. It is a privilege, one that we wholly recognize and never take for granted, one that we want to respect.

In our lives, what intentionality often looks like for us is meaning in tradition — in both process and material. It is the cameras that our dads used before we were born and handed down to us. It is the sparklers we light every year to celebrate our anniversary on the fourth of July. Intentionality can also look like the less romantic traditions, like Sunday conversations to reflect on the week gone by and plan for the one ahead. Often, it is the choosing of each other when we would rather choose ourselves.

Creme Brands Radian Photography logo

During our time with Kathryn, she asked us lots of questions to help us dig deep into our brand and what was vital in terms of creating visuals. One of the things that came out of this are some of the most treasured things in our home, which felt important because that is what we want time with us to feel like — a place of rest and comfort and authenticity. At one point, we mentioned a pair candlesticks, carved by Ian’s dad, that were given to us.

Creme Brands Radian Photography candlesticks

Kathryn asked us more questions about these candlesticks, and we sent this photo to her. The idea of something being carved, built by hand, resonated with all three of us.

Kathryn used the candlesticks to create our brandmark, which also incorporates our initials, and custom designed the font in the wordmark to be completely unique to us.

We think it’s a perfect fit. It is simple, infused with meaning, and represents the direction we want our work to go.

But we know what some of you are thinking. “What about the bees?!” Well, they’re not going anywhere! And for those of you who associate us with bees (we love this, by the way!), know that they will always remain a part of Radian, if not Radian Photography.

Creme Brands Radian Photography logo

Thank you for reading a little bit about the meaning behind our brand visuals and story. We so appreciate your support. Want to stay up to date with Radian news? Sign up for our newsletters — we would love to stay in touch!


*All brand photos by Jennifer Blair





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