7 Wedding To-Dos You Can Handle During This Time

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7 Wedding To-Dos You Can Handle During This Time

We know that many of you are struggling right now. This is a hard time, even with some things reopening, we know it could be a while until things go back to “normal.” You may have had to reschedule your wedding or you may be newly engaged and wondering, “What do we even do to plan a wedding during this time?” We asked Lauren of The Lion House, a Raleigh wedding planner, to help with some ideas for you and she delivered with seven wedding to-dos you can check off your list during this crazy time!

You’re feeling bummed your wedding agenda has been postponed or is on hold. It is difficult to want to put together the biggest day of your life when there is still so much uncertainty. You feel like you’re behind, but don’t know what direction to move forward. 

If you said “YES!” after reading any of those thoughts… don’t worry – we’ve got you!

We are here to tell you that you can handle this pandemic, its unknowns, and your wedding planning at the same time! 

Did you catch that? Repeat after me:

“I can handle this pandemic, its unknowns, and wedding planning at the same time!” 

From a wedding planning expert to you, the eager and ready-to-get-married couple, we want to give you some hope and guidance!

Here are 7 things you can take control of right now and get checked off that wedding to-dos list while in quarantine.

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Setup a virtual chat with your planner.

If you haven’t yet, set up a virtual chat with your planner. Talk through any concerns you have and make a PLAN B, and C even! Impacts on moving your date, an ideal alternate date, a game plan for smaller guest list, etc. Don’t have a planner? We’re offering complimentary consultations to answer your COVID-19 questions to get you started on the right foot.

Get started on that beast of a seating chart. 

These can be overwhelming and take an unexpectedly long amount of time. We recommend getting color coded sticky tabs (like these on Amazon). Write each guests name on a color coded tab. For instance: immediate family = green, couple 1’s friends = yellow, couple 2’s extended family = pink, etc. Then take a large piece of posterboard (like these with free pickup at Target) and draw out your floor plan/tables. In the middle of each table write the table number. Easily place and rearrange guests’ sticky tabs accordingly. It may take a bit of effort up front, but trust us – you’ll be thanking us when Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen can’t make it and you have to rearrange the entire thing.

Reconsider those Welcome Bags + Favors! 

With some extra time on your hands, get creative! Homemade favors and welcome bags would be the topping on the cake. Here’s a few ideas: 

  • Go strawberry picking (if in season where you live) and make Strawberry Freezer Jam! Most of these items you likely have in your pantry. These jars would be so cute with a thank you tag or place card tied with silk ribbon. And you can store in the freezer until your big day.
  • Support small businesses by purchasing local items for your welcome bags and place them in these cute boxes or bags. Put the finishing touches on your box/bag with a custom stamp of your wedding logo/monogram from Ready Stamps (they support the division of United Cerebral Palsy Association by training and employing those with disabilities!) Ideas to include in your bags:
    1. Lion House mini candle favors (to enjoy well past the wedding)
    2. Videri mini chocolate bars (something sweet)
    3. Poppy market popcorns (something salty)
    4. Water (because we all know that’s a necessity after any great party!)
    5. Counter Culture Coffee (one of my favorites!)
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Experiment and taste test your signature cocktails

Check with your bar service and see if they’ll make you a batch of your selection to enjoy for the weekend (subject to alcohol laws). Or try some different options at home and give your top contender to your bar service. 

Get to shopping!

Yes, please! Rehearsal dinner attire, wedding day accessories, honeymoon bathing suit (even if postponed). These wedding to-dos can really get you giddy and looking forward to the day you’ll get to wear them. Plus it’s never too early to break in those wedding day shoes a bit.

Write your own vows

If you were already planning on this, now is a great time to sit down with a cup of coffee (or tea), and reflect on your time together. Begin writing your vows. Feel free to ask your officiant or friend to red each of yours in confidence to be sure they are one the same page.

And last but most certainly not least, fall even more in love!

Enjoy this time together before you move into the next phase of your lives and before things might pick up and become busy again. Try a new recipe together, find a new hiking trail or picnic area, plant a garden and enjoy the harvest this summer, have a few too many glasses of wine one night and dance party it up. Whatever you do, cherish this intimate time with your favorite person!

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From our quarantine home office to you… I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and they help you tick a few boxes off that seemingly never-ending wedding-planning checklist!

If you don’t have a planning checklist or unclear which direction to take in postponing your wedding, please feel free to reach out! We are here for you and are providing free consultations to discuss your COVID-19 concerns and how we can help. Email us at info@thelionhouse.co.

Remember: You’ve got this! 


Lion House

Lauren Watson, Founder + Creative Director

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