5 Things To Know When Hiring Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist

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5 Things To Know When Hiring Your Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist

From terrible tans to overdone bronzer, we know that wedding hair and makeup can make or break your bridal look, so we wanted to provide some helpful tips when you’re ready to book your artist!

We asked our friend Mena of Mena Garcia Beauty to help provide tips for booking your wedding hair and makeup artist! Below, she tells you five things that you should know when looking for your perfect artist! We have worked with Mena and her team before, and not only is she such a wonderful hair and makeup artist, but she provides tons of tips and tricks on her Instagram and Youtube pages!

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Research Inspiration & Artists That Are Cohesive With Your Style

The first step in planning out your wedding hair and makeup look is to start searching for inspiration photos to find your style. Pinterest and Instagram are incredible sources for you to browse through images of hair styles and makeup looks. Once you have saved some images you love, it is now time to search for your artist that matches the style of hair and makeup that you are looking for. WeddingWire, The Knot, and Instagram are the best resources to find artists in your area. Look through their website, social media, and most importantly reviews! You can also find artists by asking friends of yours that have gotten married in your area. If you have found an artist you love, reach out to them with your wedding date and location- set up a time to chat over the phone for a few minutes so you can get to know each other and see if your personalities vibe. You will be investing time and money into your artist, so you definitely want to ensure their personality is a good fit for your wedding day. Professional hair and makeup artists typically book a year (or more) in advance- if this category is at the top of your list then I would suggest starting this process as soon as you have a wedding date and location!

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Makeup And Hair Trial

Scheduling and trial is not required but highly recommended. Having a trial will give you and your artist time to get to know each other better and put together a look that is customized for you regarding your style, skin type, and desired finished look. Brining in images you love will help you both be on the same page! During your trial you can voice your concerns if there is something you are not liking- it is the artist’s job to ensure you are happy with your look so don’t be shy and speak up. My priority as a bridal hair and makeup artist is that my client is 100% satisfied with the look and the changes we will be making on the wedding day! Be sure to take pictures from every angle near a window with natural light so you and your artist can look through photos to see how the makeup is translating and if there might be any other changes you want to make (more glowy skin, darker eyebrows, smaller lashes, more volume on hair, etc). If you are doing bridal portraits, try to schedule your trial on the same day!

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Invest In Yourself

Hiring a professional to do your hair and makeup is an essential investment for yourself- if you are already investing in an incredible photographer, don’t you want to make sure you look your best? Professionals know what products work, how to apply them, and what is going to look amazing in photos. You definitely want to be confident in front of the camera and these are photos that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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Skin Care Prep

Amazing makeup starts with amazing skin! One of the key components for clear skin is drinking at least a half gallon of water everyday. Being hydrated is not only good for your skin but also for your overall health. For skin care the most important things you need to include in your routine are cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Keeping your skin clean after makeup is essential to avoid breakouts (I suggest double cleansing at night time- use makeup remover or oil cleanser on dry skin and then cleansing with facial cleanser and water). For exfoliating I highly recommend using Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads- they also have a sensitive skin version. They will even skin tone and texture and provide a brighter, more radiant complexion. I recommend using them 3-4 times per week. For moisturizing, be sure to use moisturizer during the day and night- a simple way to add a boost of extra hydration would be sleeping with Summer Fridays Jetlag hydrating mask. I sleep in mine 2-3 times a week- it’s amazing! I wake up with super soft & hydrated skin. 

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Stress-Free Wedding Day

Hiring professional vendors for your wedding day will ensure your day is stress-free. Wedding days can be a bit busy and crazy- having a team of makeup artists will help you and your bridal party feel pampered and taken care of so all you worry about is enjoying some breakfast, pumping up the music and soaking in every moment of the morning. Your artist will communicate timing details with you, the photographer and planner to create a timeline for hair and makeup services. While you and your bridal party have fun, we take care of the rest! Your hair and makeup artist will ensure your look is absolutely perfect before getting dressed. So why should you hire a professional? So you can sit down, relax, and get glammed up for your day!

Let’s get glam, shall we?



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