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5 Places to Shop for Maternity Clothes for Your Session

Now that Radhika is pregnant, we feel like we can pretty confidently say that we have some ideas on the best places to find great maternity clothes…both for the every day and for your maternity session! Read below to see some ideas!

Pink Blush

My favorite thing about Pink Blush is their beautiful dresses. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but Pink Blush usually has great sales, so you can stock up on dresses galore! I also love their tops and pants, but haven’t bought many of those from this store because in the coldest months, I wasn’t super pregnant. But I can’t wait for it to warm up so that I can wear more of these dresses! There are definitely some long ones with great movement that I think would be great to wear for a session as well! You might even see me in more very soon. 🙂 Below, Lizzie wore a dress from Pink Blush for her maternity session!

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Pink Blush dress

We’re huge fans of dresses with movement and texture. Here are some other favorites from the site!

Pink Blush dress


ASOS’s ever-expanding and changing stock of clothing has me hooked. You can find something new every week, and the dresses here are also so much fun. They’ve got a great selection, especially if you have to attend a special event while pregnant, like a wedding. For a session, we think you should definitely invest in an ASOS dress for a more formal, dressed up look. Plus, ASOS has one of the very first pregnancy staples that I bought: the Beyonce “PREGGERS” shirt.


Personally, I’m dying to photograph someone in one of these:

Asos maternity dresses


Destination Maternity

When it comes to classic, every day tops and jeans/pants, I’ve shopped at Destination Maternity. It’s one of the only in-person maternity stores close to us and so many things are changing about my body that it’s been nice to try things on in a store to see how they fit and feel. Usually they also have a pretty great sale section, so I have found tons of great things for my first trimester when it was still winter and so a little colder in NC. If you’re in a pinch and need a more casual look for your session, you can most likely find something in store without having to worry about shipping costs and time!

Asos maternity dresses


Rent the Runway

While I haven’t ordered anything from Rent the Runway while pregnant, it’s still pretty exciting to know that you can now find maternity dresses there! This is a new development and a great way to make sure you have something beautiful for your session or if you have to attend an event like a wedding or cocktail without having to spend as much!

What do I want to see you in? Rent the runway maternity

I have this thing for black maternity dresses because I think they’re a little unexpected. And not that you need more glow, but I don’t think a little sparkle would hurt a mama-to-be!

rent the runway maternity

If you want to go slightly more casual, these two dresses are also great. I have loved that blue one for so long — someone please wear it!


Sew Trendy

If you’re wanting something more custom, I love Sew Trendy. I came across them on Etsy and love their dresses for their movement and soft colors. While on the pricier side, these are custom made dresses and there’s such a huge selection of colors and styles that you’re most likely going to find something that you love!

sew trendy maternity dresses

BONUS: Honorable Mentions


Fillyboo is definitely a splurge store, but I very much want to photograph someone in one of their dresses! I love their flowy look, and I’m pretty sure this is something you would continue to wear after pregnancy.

Fillyboo maternity

Free People

Not traditionally a maternity store, Free People has so many eye catching pieces that I couldn’t pass up mentioning it. These two are definitely wearable post-baby as well, but because they’re both empire waisted, I think they would both be show-stopping options for your maternity session!

free people maternity dresses


Lulu’s is also not a traditional maternity store! However, they have so many beautiful dresses that are empire waisted with great movement, many of which are refreshingly simple and under $100. Here are two that caught my eye!

Lulu's Maternity dresses


A few final notes on maternity dresses:

  • I recommend finding something with an empire waist or a dress that has an adjustable tie (i.e. you aren’t stuck tying it in the middle of your waist like you used to a few months ago).  We find that this is a much more flattering look for photo sessions than sheath dresses that don’t have much shape. I get it, they’re super comfortable, but for your session, skip it! Remember that you’re not tied to maternity selections from stores and might already have something in your closet that works well and you know you love!
  • In general, we find that soft, muted colors with great textures and subtle patterns are the best choice for sessions. Your clothing is meant to highlight the real star of this session: you. We don’t want it stealing the spotlight! We feel like all of the dresses above fit those criteria well and would be flattering for most mamas.
  • As always, choose something that feels like you and that you’ll be comfortable wearing! Now that I’ve been pregnant for 5 months, I fully understand that while pregnant women have that nice glow, pregnancy is not glamorous or comfortable most of the time. So use this session as an excuse to make sure you feel beautiful. Because you are literally growing another human, and if you don’t deserve to feel amazing for the session that highlights that fact, when in the world do you?!

Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill engagement, wedding, lifestyle photographer | Radian Photography | American Tobacco Campus North Carolina family maternity session | www.radianphotography.com

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