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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Photos After Your Wedding

So you received your wedding photos — now what will you do with them? This post has three ideas for you!

We can’t say this enough times: you absolutely will not continue to look at your photos on your computer or social media accounts every day. Maybe you’re in that honeymoon phase with your wedding photos. You know the feeling? Where you get warm fuzzies when you think of them and just want to sneak a little peek so you pull up that file on your laptop at work? And you go to sleep smiling about them and wake up and they’re your first thought?

Yeah, we get it.

But listen, that feeling fades. In a few months, every now and again you will find yourself still loving your wedding photos, but that passion won’t necessarily be there. You might find yourself thinking about them and appreciating that you have them in your life, but it just won’t be the same.

We’re now five years from our wedding, but you know what we see every single day? That magic shot of Ian dipping me on the dance floor at the end of our first dance. I still get butterflies when I see it!

Don’t be the people who let your memories fade on your USB drive. Read on to hear about three ways you can keep them alive for that first year of marriage and beyond!

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Hang them up!

This one is pretty obvious, but you should frame your photos or create canvases of them! We have photos framed of our family and bridal party from our wedding day, and also of the photo above. There’s just one catch: for photos that are statement pieces in your home (meaning not just teeny 4x6s that you’re putting on a bookshelf, but larger ones that you’re hanging on walls and in areas that get more traffic), we strongly recommend that you invest in high quality printing. Big box labs like Target and Walmart botch the quality and color of your photos, and that’s not what you want to look at for years in your home! You can read more on this here.

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Create an album (or work with us so you don’t have to!)

We won’t go into too much detail about this because we’ll be dedicating an entire post to albums soon, but we can’t speak enough about albums. We pull ours out often and love looking through it. We both love our parents’ wedding albums — have any of you had that experience? We so look forward to sharing our wedding photos with our kids in the future as well! There’s just something about being able to flip through the physical photos in a beautifully bound book that speaks to us! You can definitely DIY this, but if you want a truly heirloom piece that will stand the test of time, we would love to work with you to create something magical!

Share them with others

Writing thank you cards to the friends and family that showered you with love on your special day? Consider going the extra mile and including printed copies of photos OF your loved ones having fun at your wedding! We actually took care of this well before we received our wedding photos because we had a photo booth at our wedding! We left our day with an album filled with photo strips and sweet notes from our guests, and so did they — each strip was copied so that they got to take one home. If you didn’t have a photo booth, though, consider printing 4x6s of your favorite photos to send to them with a handwritten note for one of the most thoughtful thank you gifts possible! Again, the gallery we send you of your photos makes this super easy to do so take advantage of that feature to share the wedding photo joy!

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Have other ideas of how you can enjoy your wedding photos? Share them below in a comment! We’d love to hear what you come up with!

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See more ideas for your wedding here! Or, if you want to contact us about booking a session or event, start by sending us a quick message!




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