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3 Things To NOT Do Before Your Session

While we love educating our clients on what TO do before their photography sessions — what to wear, how to pick a location, how to prepare their families, etc. — sometimes, we just need to tell you what NOT to do!

This post has three rules for what we believe you should STAY AWAY FROM before your session!

1. Spray tans

We know that this comes down to personal preference, but when it comes to your skin at a session, we always feel that natural is better. You do not need to get a spray tan (or even visit the tanning salon) before your session. While our clients don’t do this in general, we have seen people who have gotten spray tans before their sessions and their skin looks orangey. And, we get it, that was all the rage in our high school, Jersey Shore days, but we’re more interested in creating photos that are timeless and classic. We also know that you might be thinking, “Whatever, Radhika doesn’t have to worry about this with her skin anyway,” and, you know, you’re right. However, Radhika would have to worry about orange skin when editing photos and do you really want to do that to her? No, you don’t. So skip the spray tan and embrace that natural beauty!

2. Change up your skin care routine

The week or days before your session is not the time to try new peels, scrubs, lotions, or face washes. The last thing you want is to have to worry about a reaction to a product when you’re at your session. When being photographed, you want to feel beautiful! You don’t want to have to worry about what your skin might look like, so stick to your regular routine and save the special at-home spa trials for the week after! If you have a spa appointment the week before your session or event, make sure you tell your aesthetician that you will have photos taken soon so they don’t use any irritating peels or masks and stick with hydrating or soothing formulas. Still, if you can, create more time between your appointment and the session so that in case your skin does react badly, you won’t have to worry about it!

3. Obsessively check the weather

Leave that to us. Trust us, especially if your session is in NC, the weather will change a hundred times the week before your session anyway, and most likely won’t be reliable until around two days before your session. We fully admit that we’re being hypocritical here — the week before our wedding, Radhika checked weather.com maybe every 15 minutes or so? You can read about what eventually happened here. That aside, we will be checking on the weather for you and if we feel like it’s not going to work for your session, will handle things at that point. But checking the weather obsessively is only going to stress you out, and especially during the temperamental springs and falls in North Carolina, you will be stressed out for no good reason! Leave the worries to us — that’s why you’re working with us!

Things To Not Do Before Session

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