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3 Reasons to Plan a Sunrise Beach Session

The Nydza family traveled in to the NC Coast from Ohio for a little family vacation before welcoming their second baby! We met up with them for a sunrise beach session at Fort Fisher. Not convinced on the early wake up time? Let us change your mind with three reasons why a sunrise session is totally worth it!

Sunrise beach family session
Black and white image of family at the beach
Maternity double exposure with pink sky at beach

Reason 1: The Sun Rises Over the Ocean!

Many times, when photographers talk about the famed “Golden Hour,” they’re referring to the span of time before sunSET. However, on the East Coast, the sun doesn’t set over the ocean, so you get a very different look in the evening. If you want that pink-orange-glow AND the ocean in the background of your photos, a sunrise beach session is the way to go. We love catching the sun come up over the horizon and turn the sky different shades of cotton candy pink.

Family at sunrise on the beach
Sunrise Beach Session | Wilmington NC
black and white maternity image with toddler
double exposure beach family session
Maternity photo of couple at the beach

Reason 2: Fewer People and Cooler Temps!

We all know how crowded the beach can get during the summer. Early mornings are the perfect time for a session because people aren’t usually awake and on the beach yet! Everyone else is probably vacationing too, so they’re catching up on that sleep! If you want beach views without a ton of people in the background of your photos, a sunrise beach session will ensure that you have the beach to yourself. While we were with the Nydza family, we saw a couple of other people, but as you can tell, we basically had a giant sandy playground!

We also bet you might be traveling to the beach in the warmer months, and guess what — it’s hot during the day! By scheduling your session at sunrise, there’s less humidity and heat to deal with.

Swinging toddler at the beach
Family playing in the dunes at beach
Black and white image of family at Fort Fisher
Double exposure of family at the beach
pregnant mom with toddler on beach

Reason 3: The Littles are Happier

Ever tried to schedule a session with littles near sunset? There’s a reason those evening times are called the ‘witching hours.’ While we’re perfectly fine dealing with toddler tantrums and fussy fits, you may want a happier photo session experience. Just a wild guess!

You know your kiddos best, but we find that most littles do better with sessions earlier in the day. Hopefully, they’re fresh from a good night’s sleep and excited for another day of adventures, so scheduling a sunrise beach session is a great way to start the day with them and avoid too many meltdowns!




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