3 Reasons Your Service-Based Business Needs High Quality Brand Photos

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3 Reasons Your Service-Based Business Needs High Quality Brand Photos

We have all experienced it: you have a problem that needs solving and you are searching for the right person to take care of the job. 

So let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you narrow the options down to two service providers and you are spending time doing some research. They both seem to have some good experience, but one has generic iPhone and stock photos on their website and social media platforms while the other allows you to really see the people you will be working with and learn about them with professional photography. 

Raleigh brand photography

If I were a betting woman, I would know exactly where to place my money: 9 times out of 10, you’re going to choose the second service provider.

And, get this, I’m even going to bet that you would choose them if they cost more or took slightly longer to complete a job.

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Why? Simply put, that’s the power of great brand imagery. It can do the job of communicating with your client and taking them on a journey that shows them why they should work with you, how you can solve their problems, and what to expect when relying on your service. 

Below are three major reasons why great brand photos can do this, paired with images we recently created for Kate Van Dis Creative Content:

Durham small business photo session
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#1: TRUST.

By sharing photos, especially photos of YOURSELF, your personality shines through. Most importantly, it allows you to differentiate yourself from other service providers who offer something similar. Your clients have the potential to connect with you because of your interests, passions, and countless other things, and they can do that immediately with great images. As photographers, we love sharing photos that we have taken of client work. But we also share a lot of images of our passions like travel, our dog, and how we spend time as a family. As a result, we attract clients who also love exploring the world, who consider their pets to be family and want photos with them, and families who are excited to be photographed by fellow parents who get it!

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Great brand photography positions your business as an authority by taking the focus OFF of the imagery and onto your services. Have you ever walked into a brick and mortar store and felt put off by something? Maybe the employees weren’t dressed as you would expect them to, or the store wasn’t cleaned, or something else was awry. None of these things necessarily impact the quality of the service or product you purchased, but they might have impacted your decision or comfort level with buying there. That’s because, as a survival mechanism, our brains are hardwired to make first impressions FAST. And once they have been made, it’s incredibly difficult to change them. High quality brand photos, then, allow you to make valuable use of that first impression by reassuring your customers that you know what you are doing and can be trusted to do good work. 

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Here’s my time for an embarrassing admission: We have been in business since 2014, but didn’t schedule official photos for our OWN brand for five whole years! As photographers, we figured that having the work to show was enough. 

(We were wrong.)

We decided to bring on some trusted friends in the field to capture brand photos for us. One of the things we have been delighted to learn since our own brand photography session is that good brand photos are so versatile! They can be used in a number of ways, including your website and social media platforms, physical marketing collateral, and more. We didn’t think we could feel even more confident when presenting our work, but having photos that represent our brand has pushed us in that direction and we are so thankful! We have been able to use these images in so many ways and can’t describe how reassuring it is to know that we have images in our back pocket ready to pull out whenever they are needed.

in home brand photography


So maybe, you’re thinking, “Great, I’m on board for brand photos, but I’m a ________. What do I have photographed?!”

Such a good question! A great brand photographer should work with you to learn about who you are and what your brand stands for to create the right types of imagery for you! Our process, for example, includes a complete questionnaire where clients can tell more about us. We use their answers to create a customized plan for their session that we review beforehand to make sure it hits the target! You can see examples of the work we have created for different brands and businesses here!

Want more? I’ve got you covered! You can download our free video training  on 6 Types of Images All Brands and Businesses Need here!




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