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3 Reasons to Invest in a Wedding Album

We have been looking forward to writing this post for quite some time! We so love creating wedding albums for our couples, and we truly believe you should invest in one. Read on to see why, AND to hear from one of our couples about why they chose to invest in an album!

wedding album

Reason 1: Your digital files are now, your printed photos are forever.

We know this sounds counterintuitive given the cloud and all of the external hard drives we now use to back up all of the many bytes of files that, as a society, we create and want to preserve. And yes, we do  believe that your photos should be backed up digitally. However, in the same way that we no longer whip out floppy drives and CDs (do computers even come with CD drives anymore??) to share photos, we’re sure that USBs won’t be around a few decades from now. Who knows what will happen to the cloud? What is for sure, though? Your album will last!

Reason 2: The tangible heirloom.

One of our favorite reasons to invest in an album is because it’s tangible, just like a frame on the wall. However, unlike wall art in your home, an album tells a complete story, not just one moment in time. The fact is, when you get married in your 20s or 30s like most of our couples, you’re not done living life and meeting new people and friends, and the people at your wedding won’t be the only ones you ever know. Having new friends over and being able to show them the whole story of the day in a physical item that can be flipped through has been so fun for us. And one day, in a few years, we hope to do the same thing with our baby!

wedding album

Reason 3: The little details.

As Hannah and Scott talk about in the video (linked below!), even after a few months, you start to forget the little details of your day. They fade quickly into the background while classic, posed portraits are framed on your walls and are added to your Facebook profile picture. Having our wedding album helps us remember all of those pieces, not just the traditional moments that were there. It helps relive the entirety of the emotions of a day!

A quick note on the DIY route:

We don’t want to hold you back from DIY’ing your album if that’s the route you want to take. And if you’re one of these people who decides they’re going to do something and actually gets. it. done. then you should absolutely create your own album! However, we know a lot of people who say, “Yeah, I’ll just do that myself,” and then the realities of moving, starting a new job, or just getting used to life after getting married or having a baby or whatever life event you were going to preserve in your album take over and you actually don’t get it done. That’s why we want to take this off of your plate and ensure that not only are you getting an album of your favorite memories, but it’s also super high quality and made to last. The last thing you want is to DIY an album that is falling apart at the seams a few years or a few moves down the road. We love our album company, Red Tree Albums. When researching which one to go with, we were captivated by the quality of their products and knew that we would be delivering not just paper and binding to our couples, but true heirlooms!

wedding album

One of our favorite couples, Hannah and Scott, chose to invest in a wedding album and let us interview them on why they were excited to have it. In case you’re on the fence, watch them tell you a little more about why an album was so meaningful for them to have! Click here or on the image below to watch the video!

wedding album


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