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December 30, 2018

A few months ago, we got a heartbreaking phone call, one that we did not expect.

April 18, 2018

We have been looking forward to writing this post for quite some time! We so love creating wedding albums for our couples, and we truly believe you should invest in one. Read on to see why, AND to hear from one of our couples about why they chose to invest in an album!

March 21, 2018

So you received your wedding photos — now what will you do with them? This post has three ideas for you!

February 6, 2018

So you’re getting married but feeling uninspired by your parents’ wedding photos? We talked with Lauren of The Lion House, Amanda of Amanda Blair by Design, and Tiffany of The Details Events to think up some unique ideas to keep your reception fresh and fun for you and your guests! Read below to find some […]

January 30, 2018

So you’re planning your wedding day timeline or trying to figure out when your photo session should be. Why do so many photographers suggest taking photos at ‘golden hour’?